Invitation: Cloud Consumption Roundtable

Campaign for Clear Licensing – Code of Conduct for Cloud Computing

In 2014 the Campaign for Clear Licensing published a Software Audit Code of Conduct. This was an ITAM community effort, co-written by industry practitioners. It’s intended use was that if a customer must face an audit, the code of conduct would help them shape the rules of engagement. Software Audit Code of Conduct V1.0

I would like to create a similar code of conduct or industry guidelines around cloud consumption:

So if an organisation wishes to explore either SaaS, PaaS or IaaS – then there are some independent guidelines to help them manage cost and risk. For example – Mr Vendor, if I’m going to sign – I want to exercise the following rights and have access to the following information to manage my cost and risk. 

Phase two would be to assess which cloud providers are meeting or breaching these guidelines.

  • Who: Campaign for Clear Licensing
  • What: Cloud consumption roundtable, agenda and directions send via email
  • Where: Central London (In between Liverpool Street and Aldgate tubes)
  • When: Thursday 21st March, 2.30 for 3pm start until 5.30pm, followed by drinks and networking
  • How: RSVP

Thanks, Martin


New CCL Report: $250BN annual software maintenance market needs more scrutiny, a strategic opportunity for ITAM

The Campaign for Clear Licensing is pleased to present a new report on the software support and maintenance market.

Download the report here:

This research project has been kindly sponsored by Origina.

Origina are the “World’s leading, independent, third party IBM software support specialist“. Learn more about Origina here:

Executive Summary

Many organisations spend a huge proportion of their annual IT budget on paying for existing software support and maintenance contracts. The market is estimated to be worth $250BN.
The typical survey respondent had no idea of support volumes, support quality or the strategic value of software maintenance renewals.
This research is a call-to-action for organisations to get a handle on this major area of spend and apply ITAM best practices to optimise spend and lower risk.
The key findings in this paper include:

  • Software maintenance renewals need more scrutiny
  • Security options need more clarity
  • There is a strategic opportunity for ITAM to own the renewals process

Industry trends identified include:

  • Organisations renewing contracts as the path of least resistance
  • Scarcity of information regarding true consumer rights and entitlement
  • Hardware merging into software
  • Products merging into maintenance

Key Actions:

  • Lawmakers need to seriously consider the long-term consequences of these trends in an Internet of things era – in the interests of consumer rights, security and environmental impact.
  • IT Asset Managers can create a huge amount of value by setting up a rigorous process for support renewals.
  • The IT community would benefit from an open access library to crowdsource intelligence on support and maintenance contracts

Download the report here:

CCL Software support and maintenance trends survey

The Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) is investigating the software support and maintenance market.

Please help the Campaign by sharing your experiences – all information shared will be in strictest confidence and will be published as a free to access report to those who participate.

The survey explores:

  • Factors that are important when renewing maintenance
  • Key decision makers
  • Support call volumes
  • Best and worst suppliers

Thanks in advance for your help. ~ Martin