• Frustrated with complex licensing?

    Frustrated with complex licensing?

    At CCL we believe by only working together as members will we have the voice to make the likes of Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, Attachmate, IBM, HP and SAP sit up and take notice of your licensing frustrations.

  • Amazed at sharp sales practices?

    Amazed at sharp sales practices?

    Licensing complexity and poor communications from software publishers is getting in the way of adoption of new technology.

  • Fearful of aggressive audits?

    Fearful of aggressive audits?

    The Campaign for Clear Licensing has developed an audit code of conduct (CoC) for our members to use to protect themselves against poor audit practices.

Software Audit Code of Conduct

The software audit code of conduct from the Campaign for Clear Licensing defines a set of acceptable practices for behaviour during audits and covers types of audit, defining scope, the introduction of third parties, agreeing objectives and discussing results and outcomes. Learn more


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